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Your privacy is our top priority.

  • We only use your Facebook data to analyze and recommend the best opportunities to you.
  • We never message your friends, post to your wall, or share your activity with anyone.

Find the best job through friends' recommendation.
Help your friend find the right job.
Enjoy reward when your friend gets hired.

Find the right opportunity through friends' recommendations.

Because JOB Forward utilizes social media, you can find job opportunities through your friends' network. Also, your friend will recommend opportunities which have a good fit for you.

Help your friend find the right job.

As your friend can recommend a job opportunity, you can also help your friends find the right positions. Also, you can help your friends' businesses by spreading the job opportunities through social media.

Enjoy reward when hired.

JOB Forward offers benefits for all the people in the recruiting process such as 1) Hiring bonus for the hired candidate and 2) Financial rewards for all the supporters who made it happen.