Take a step into the new world of Le Quest Condominium

Owning an apartment in a condominium is a dream for most. The beautiful views, luxurious apartments, spacious hallways and extended facilities such as gardens, gyms and even private swimming pools in some cases are reason enough for a person to want to live in a luxurious condominium.

What can you expect from Le Quest Condominium?

Le Quest Condominium is a newly launched Condominium project in Singapore. Located at the most beautiful spot in the city, Le Quest Condominium offers residents a panoramic view of the beautiful Singapore from their room windows.
Beautiful, spacious and luxurious apartments, well-maintained facilities such as elevators, stairwells, recreational rooms such as a common sitting area, gym and even a pool are just a few of the wonder of Le Quest Condominium.

Why should you own an apartment in Le Quest Condominium?

If the beautiful views and luxurious facilities are not enough to convince you to move to Le Quest Condominium, the proximity to all your favourite malls, shops and living close to your friends definitely will be!
Le Quest Condominium is strategically located such that all your favourite shopping malls, parks, public library, supermarkets are all a stone’s throw away from you. The beautiful greenery and nature all around you are enough to lift your spirits every morning. Nature lovers and photography enthusiasts can enjoy the beautiful nature trails along the condominium.
Residents will also get a chance to interact with their close by neighbours living in Le Quest Condominium. Building relationships and friendships have never been easier and more beautiful; Le Quest Condominium offers you all the amenities and facilities such as child care, education centres and common areas to simply sit and unwind after a busy day. Le Quest Condominium is the ideal place for those looking to live a healthy, luxurious life for themselves and their families.

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